PictBridge : Reset

Initialises user-changed configurations.

1. Use the Up / Down buttons to select the




[Reset] menu tab. And then press the Right









2. Use the Up / Down buttons to select the





desired sub menu value, and then press the





OK button.

File Name




If [No] is selected : Settings will not be



OK Set




reset.If [Yes] is selected : All print and image settings will be reset.

ÄDefault print setting varies depending on the printer manufacturer. For your printer’s default setting, refer to the user’s guide that came with your printer.

Important notes

Be sure to observe the following precautions!

This unit contains precision electronic components. Do not use or store this unit in the following locations.

-Areas exposed to severe changes in temperature and humidity.

-Areas exposed to dust and dirt.-Areas exposed to direct sunlight or the inside of a vehicle in hot weather.

-Environments where there is high magnetism or excessive vibration.

-Areas with high explosives or highly flammable materials.

Do not leave this camera in places subject to dust, chemicals (like naphthalene and mothballs), high temperature and high humidity. Keep this camera with silica gel in a hermetically sealed box when not planning to use the camera for a long period of time

Sand can be particularly troublesome to cameras.

-Do not let sand get inside the camera when using it on beaches, coastal dunes, or other areas where there is lots of sand.

-Doing so may result in failure or may permanently render the cam- era unusable.

Handling the camera

-Never drop the camera or subject it to severe shocks or vibrations.

-Protect the large size LCD monitor from an impact. When this camera is not used, keep it in the camera case.

-Avoid obstructing the lens or the flash when you capture an image.

-This camera is not waterproof.

To avoid dangerous electrical shocks, never hold or operate the camera with wet hands.