CAUTION indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may result in a minor or moderate injury.

Leaking, overheating, or damaged battery could result in fire or injury.

- Use battery with the correct specification for the camera.
- Do not short circuit, heat or dispose of battery in fire.
- Do not insert the battery with the polarities reversed.

Remove the battery when not planning to use the camera for a long

period of time. Otherwise the battery may leak corrosive electrolyte

and permanently damage the camera’s components.

Do not fire the flash while it is in contact with hands or objects. Do not

touch the flash after using it continuously. It may cause burns.

Do not move the camera while it is switched on, if you are using the

AC Charger. After use, always switch off the camera before unplug-

ging the cable from the wall socket. Then make sure that any connec-

tor cords or cables to other devices are disconnected before moving



System chart

07 008

Identification of features


Front & Top




Bottom / 5 Function button


Self-timer lamp


Camera Status Lamp


Mode icon


Connecting to a Power Source


Inserting the memory card


Instructions on how to use the memory card

the camera. Failure to do so may damage the cords or cables and

cause a fire or electric shock.

Take care not to touch the lens or lens cover to avoid taking an un-

clear image and possibly causing camera malfunction.

Avoid obstructing the lens or the flash when you capture an image.

Credit cards may be demagnetized if left near case. Avoid leaving

magnetic strip cards near the case.

Using an AC adapter that doesn’t match with the camera specification

may cause camera malfunction. We recommend supplied battery or

exclusive rechargeable battery.
ÄAvailable AC adapter :

Voltage: 3.3V, Ampere: 2.0A, Diameter:


After turning on the camera, Check whether the battery type and the camera setting set on the [Settings] > [Battery Type] menu (p. 49) are same.



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020Pausing while recording a movie clip (Successive Recording)