About the software

After inserting the CD-ROM provided with this camera into the CD-ROM drive, the following window should automatically run.

Before connecting the camera to the PC, you should first install the camera driver.

Camera driver : This enables images to transfer between the camera and PC.

This camera uses the USB Storage Driver as the camera driver. You can use the camera as a USB card reader. After installing the driver and connecting this camera to the PC, you can find [Removable Disk] in [Windows Explorer] or [My computer]. A USB Storage Driver is provided only for Windows. A USB Driver for MAC is not included with the Application CD. You can use the camera with Mac OS 9.2~10.4.

Samsung Master : This is the all-in-one multi media software solution. You can download, view, edit and save your digital images and movie clips with this software. This software is only compatible with Win- dows.

Be sure to check the system requirements before installing the driver.

You should allow 5 ~ 10 seconds for running the automatic setup program according to the capability of your computer. If the frame does not appear, run the [Windows Explorer] and select [Installer.exe] in the CD-ROM Drive root directory.