Things to Watch Out for When Taking Pictures

Pressing the shutter button down half way.

Lightly press the shutter button to confirm focus and flash battery charge. Press the shutter button all way down to take the picture.

[Lightly press the shutter button]

[Press the shutter button]

The available memory capacity may vary depending on shooting condi- tions and camera settings.

When the Flash Off, Slow synchro mode or DIS mode is selected in a low lighting condition, the camera shake warning indicator ( Ã) may appear on the LCD monitor. In this case, use a tripod, support the camera on a solid surface or change to flash shot mode.

Shooting against the light : Please do not take pictures against the sun. Doing so may make the picture dark. To take a picture against the light, please use the [Backlight] in the scene shooting mode (see page 19), fill-in flash (see page 28), spot metering (see page 35), or exposure compensation (see page 37).

Avoid obstructing the lens or the flash when you capture an image.

Compose the image by using the LCD monitor.
Under certain conditions the auto focus system may not perform as expected.-When photographing a subject that has little contrast.-If the subject is highly reflective or shiny.-If the subject is moving at high speed.-When there is strong reflected light, or when the background is very bright.

-When the subject matter has only horizontal lines or the subject is very narrow (such as a stick or flagpole).

-When the surroundings are dark.