Flash ( #) / Left button

When the menu is displayed on the LCD monitor, pressing the LEFT button makes the cursor shift to the left tab.

When the menu is not displayed on the LCD monitor, the LEFT button operates as the FLASH button.

[Selecting the Auto flash]

Selecting the flash mode

1.Press the Mode button to select a RECORDING mode with the exception of the Movie clip mode or the DIS mode.(p.16)

2.Press the Flash button until the desired flash mode indicator is displayed on the LCD monitor.

3.A flash mode indicator will be displayed on the LCD monitor. Use the correct flash to suit the environment.

Flash range





(Unit: m)



Auto macro








AUTO 0.8 ~ 4.0

0.8 ~ 2.1

0.3 ~ 0.8

0.5 ~ 0.8

0.3 ~ 4.0

0.5 ~ 2.1

If you press the shutter button after selecting the Auto, Fill-in, Slow synchro flash, the first flash fires to check the shooting condition (Flash range and Power ratio of flash).

Do not move the camera until the second flash fires.

Using the flash frequently will reduce the life of the battery.

Under normal operating conditions the re-charging time for the flash is usually within 5.5 seconds. If the battery is weak, the charging time will be longer.

In the DIS mode, [Landscape], [Close up], [Text], [Sunset], [Dawn], [Firework] scene modes and the Movie clip mode, the flash function will not operate.

Take photographs within the flash range.

The image quality is not guaranteed if the subject is too close or highly reflective.

When taking an image in poorly lit conditions with the flash, there may be a white speck in the captured image. The speck is caused by the flash light reflecting off atmospheric dust.