Warning indicator

There are several warnings that may appear on the LCD display.

[ Card Error!]

Memory card error

$Turn off the camera power and turn it on again

$Insert the memory card again

$Insert and format the memory card (p.46)

[ Card Locked! ]

The memory card is locked

$SD/SDHC memory card : Slide the write protect switch to the top of the memory card

[Memory Full! ]

The memory card or internal memory is full. $Insert new memory card.

$Delete the unnecessary image files

[ No Image! ]

There are no images stored on the memory

$Take images

$Insert a memory card that is holding some images

[File Error! ] File error

$Delete the file. Memory card error

$Contact a camera service centre.

[ Low Battery! ]

There is low battery capacity

$Insert fresh batteries.

[ Low Light! ]

When taking pictures in dark places

$Take pictures in Flash Photography mode.