Face Detection(FD) button

Self Portrait

When taking pictures of yourself, the area of your face is automatically detected so that you can take self pictures more easily and quickly.

ÄSelectable modes: Auto, Program, Manual, DIS, Portrait, Beach & Snow

1.When pressing the Face Detection button again on the face location screen, the Self Portrait icon appears ( ).

Pressing the

FD button

2.For self-filming, set the camera lens towards the face of the object. It automatically detects the face of the object, and emits a guiding sound.

3.Start filming by pressing the shutter button.

When locating the face in the center of the screen, it repeatedly emits a faster sound unlike the sounds that are emitted when the face is not in the center.

The guiding sound can be set using the sound setting menu. (See p.42)If [Self Portrait] is set, it is fixed to Macro focus.If [Self Portrait] is set, [Motion Timer] cannot be selected.

Function Description / Info ( î) / Up button

While the menu is showing, the Up button operates as a direction button. If the menu screen does not appear, information or function descriptions of the current filming image (filming mode) can be accessed through the liquid crystal monitor by pressing the Function description/ Information

( î) button.





Display every piece of information

Display the basic information.

Display description for each feature.



about shooting.




[Filming screen]

[Information screen]

[Function description screen]


Function description : When pressing the Function description button on the information screen mode, detailed descriptions of the functions can be viewed. The function description can be cancelled by pressing the Function description button again.

Pressing the





Display description for each feature.

Pressing the

Set the photo size.

description button

Fn button










[Examples of Function descriptions ]