Face Detection(FD) button

Face Detection(FD): This mode detects the face position of the sub- ject automatically and then sets the focus and exposure. Select this mode for quick and easy face picture.

ÄSelectable modes: Auto, Program, Manual, DIS, Portrait, Children, Beach & Snow

1. Press the FD(Face Detection) button ( !) in the selectable modes. The FD icon will be displayed on the screen left side.

2. The size and position of the auto focus frame is set at the face of the subject automatically.

3.Press the shutter button halfway. The focus frame turns to green when the focus is activated.

4.Press the shutter button fully to take a picture.24_RECORDING
This function can detect up to 9 persons.

When the camera recognises many people at the same time, it will focus on the nearest person.

The Digital zoom is not activated in this mode.

The face detection does not work when setting the effect mode.

When the camera detects a target face, the white colour focus frame will be displayed over the target face and the grey colour focus frame appear over the remaining faces(up to 8). Press the shutter button halfway down to focus on the face and the white focus frame turns green.(Total 9)

Return to previous AF mode if face detection was failure.In some conditions this function cannot work properly.-When a person wears dark glasses or some part of the face is hidden.-When the person being taken does not look at the camera.-Camera doesn't detect a face as the brightness is too dark or too bright.-The distance between the camera and object are far.The maximum available Face Detection range is 2.5m (Wide).The nearer the subject, the faster the camera can recognize the subject.