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Thumbnail ( º ) / Enlargement ( í) button

Image enlargement1.Select an image that you want to enlargeand press the enlargement button.

2.Different parts of the image can be viewed by pressing the 5 function button.

3.Pressing the thumbnail button will zoom back to the original full sized image.

-You can tell whether the image displayed is an enlarged view by checking the image enlargement indicator shown at the top left of the LCD monitor. (If the image is not

an enlarged view, the indicator will not be











displayed.) You can also check the area of




















-Movie clips and WAV files can’t be enlarged.-If an image is enlarged, a loss of quality may occur.
The maximum enlargement rate in proportion to the image size - S860

Image size Ÿ ¬ ­ ✩ ✨ 


enlargement X12.8 X12.4 X12.8 X10.1 X8.0 X4.0 rate

- S760

Image size + þ  ✩ ✨ 


enlargement X12.0 X11.6 X12.0 X10.1 X8.0 X4.0 rate

Trimming : You can extract part of the image that you want and save it separately.

1.Select an image that you want to enlarge and press the enlargement button. Press the MENU/OK button and a mes-

sage will be displayed.

2. Select a desired sub menu by pressing the Up / Down button and press the OK button. - [No] : The trimming menu will disappear.

-[Yes]: The trimmed image will be saved as a new file name, and appear on the LCD monitor.

ÄIf there is not enough memory space to save the trimmed image, the image can’t be trimmed.