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Free Rate Function
To record the entire program, the unit automatically sets the
appropriate recording mode depending on the combination of the
total time of the program to be recorded and either the remaining
disc space or the specified recording time (from 60 minutes to 480
8To record the entire program within the actual remaining
disc space (DVD deck only)
Select FR (JUST) in a recording mode selection procedure.
Note that this function is available only for timer programing recording
(pg. 46, 48) and dubbing from HDD to DVD (pg.58).
8To record the entire program by specifying the desired
recording time
Select FR60FR360, FR420 or FR480 in a recording mode
selection procedure. (pg. 37, 40, 46, 48)
8To record a 25-min. long daily program five times just on
the same DVD disc for example
Perfor m VCR Plus+® Timer Programing (pg. 46) procedure. Be
sure to set the recording mode to FR125 and set Weekly/Daily
Rec Function to MONFRI in step 8 to fit the total recording time
to the whole disc space.
When the same program is recorded in SP mode instead of in
FR125, the 5th program cannot be recorded.
You can program this unit to timer-record, regardless of the disc
remaining time. When the disc remaining time is not enough, the unit
performs Relief Recording (pg. 48). To avoid this, make sure of
the disc remaining time before setting timer-programing.
(Example) If you programed to timer-record for 60 minutes in SP
mode on a 120-minute disc, the disc remaining time would be 30
minutes in XP mode, 60 minutes in SP mode, 120 minutes in LP
mode, 180 minutes in EP mode, and 240 minutes in FR480 mode.
Timer-recording will not complete beyond these remaining times.
The maximum recording time of FR (JUST) mode is the same as the
recording time of FR480 mode. When timer-programing a long
program in FR (JUST) mode on a disc whose remaining time is short,
it is recommended checking the disc remaining time in FR480 mode
to see if the remaining time is enough for the program.
Even if more than one program are timer-programed in FR (JUST)
mode, only the first one is recorded.
In order to ensure that the recording fits on the disc, this feature may
leave a slight non-recorded section at the end of the disc.
There may be some noise and sound disturbance at the point on the
disc where the unit switches the mode.
Second Audio Recording
This units built-in MTS decoder enables reception of Multichannel
TV Sound broadcast. To record a SAP program received, set 2ND
AUDIO RECORD to ON. (pg.68)
When the channel is changed on the unit;
The MONO indicator appears on the screen for about 5 seconds if
the program is a monaural broadcast.
The STEREO indicator appears on the screen for about 5 seconds
if the program is a stereo broadcast.
Both STEREO and SAP indicators appear when a stereo program
is accompanied by SAP sound.
Both MONO and SAP indicators appear when the main audio on
the monaural broadcast is accompanied by SAP sound.
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