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Discs For Playback Only
You can use discs with the following logos for playback only.
Playback may not be performed depending on the characteristics and
condition of the disc used.
DTS Audio CDs can also be played back (An optional DTS decoder is
MP3 and JPEG discs can be played back on this unit only when they
have been recorded in the ISO9660 or Joliet format and finalized.
JPEG files that can be played back on this unit must conform to JFIF/
Baseline process, and the maximum resolution of a JPEG file is
2,812 x 2,112 pixels.
CD-R/RW discs recorded in music CD format need to be finalized to
play back on this unit.
Operation and audio quality of this unit are not guaranteed for discs
that do not conform to the Compact Disc specification (CD-DA).
Before you play back a CD, check for the CD logo and read the notes
on the package to confirm that it conforms to the Compact Disc
Depending on the intentions of the author of the software, recording
conditions of DVD discs and Video CD/SVCD discs may be
restricted. Since this unit plays back discs according to the intentions
of the author of the software as indicated on the disc, some functions
may not operate as commanded.
When switching from the first layer to the second layer of double-
layered DVDVIDEO discs, the image and sound may be momentarily
distorted. This is not a malfunction.
DVD-AUDIO discs compatible with DVD video players can be played.
Super Audio CDs (SACD) compatible with conventional CD players
can be played.
Unplayable Discs
The following types of discs cannot be played using this unit.
Do not attempt to play back any kind of disc that is damaged
(cracked, warped, or repaired with adhesive tape) or discs in
unusual shapes (heart-shaped, octagonal, or other forms). If such
discs are accidentally played back, it may cause noise that can
lead to speaker damage.
CD-ROM discs (including PHOTO-CD and CD-G)
Discs recorded in Packet Write (UDF) format
1.3-GB double density CDs (DDCD)
High density CDs (HDCD)
The following discs also cannot be played back.
Discs of a region number other than “1”
DVD-RAM (2.6 GB/5.2 GB)
Region Number
The world is divided into 6 regions for DVDVIDEO discs.
DVDVIDEO discs are assigned a region number to indicate which
region they may be played back in. A disc cannot be played back
on this unit unless the region number of the disc matches that of
the unit. The region number for this unit is “1”. Only discs whose
region number includes “1” or “ALL” can be played back such as
shown below.
Examples of DVDVIDEO labels which can be played back
using this unit.
Marks of discs in this instruction manual
DVDVIDEO Video CD/Super Video CD
Audio CD
CD-DA files CD-R
MP3 files
MP3 files
JPEG/MP3 files
(example of region code
Allows operation with a
DVD-RAM disc. Allows operation with a
Video CD/Super Video
CD (SVCD) disc.
Allows operation with a
DVD-R disc. Allows operation with
an Audio CD disc.
Allows operation with a
DVD-RW disc . Allows operation with a
disc including MP3
Allows operation with a
DVDVIDEO disc. Allows operation with a
disc including JPEG
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