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You can use your unit as the source player or as the recording
When using another recorder as the recording deck, refer to its
instruction manual.
1Make connections.
AIf another recorder has no S-VIDEO connector, connect the
units AUDIO/VIDEO INPUT connectors to the audio/video output
connectors on another recorder.
BIf another recorder has S-VIDEO connector, connect the
AUDIO INPUT and S-VIDEO INPUT connectors to the audio and
S-video output connectors on another recorder.
If connecting a unit with an S-VIDEO connector, it is recommended to
use an optional S-Video cable to minimize picture degradation while
2When using this unit as the recording deck, press HDD or DVD
to select the recording deck.
3Press CH +/ to select L-1 or L-2 depending on the
connectors being used.
Set REAR AUX L-1 or REAR AUX L-2 to VIDEO for the VIDEO
input connector, or S-VIDEO for the S-VIDEO input connector,
depending on the connector being used. (pg. 68)
4When using this unit as the recording deck, press REC MODE
repeatedly to set the recording mode.
5Engage the Play mode of the source player.
6Engage the Record mode of the recording deck.
7Stop recording on the recording deck, then stop playback on the
source player.
All necessary cables can be obtained from your dealer.
When you use this unit as the source player for editing, be sure to set
SUPERIMPOSE to OFF before starting. (pg.69 )
Edit To Or From Another Recorder
Your unit
Another recorder
TV receiver
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