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This unit records pictures onto the hard disc, instead of video
tapes, then plays back the pictures recorded on the disc. This
makes it possible to achieve high-speed writing and read-out that
has not been possible with conventional VCRs, enabling recording
and playback simultaneously.
It is called Live Memory Playback to start playback of the program
being recorded, with a time-lag between a recording point and a
playback point, as shown in the figure below.
Not only can this unit play back a program previously recorded
while recording or timer recording another program, but the unit
also allows you to play back from the beginning of a program while
continuing to record the same program.

Temporary recording for Live Memory

This unit automatically records the channel being received, within
the specified range of time, to the reserved space on the hard disc.
The time range can be set for 30 minutes, 1 hour, and 3 hours.
(pg. 68)
Previous temporary recordings will be overwritten since the unit is
always recording the channel being received. Thus, it is not possible to
play back TV programs recorded beyond the specified range of time
since they are already overwritten. To avoid this in order to save titles,
perform normal recording (pg. 40), timer recording (pg. 46, 48),
or Live Memory Recording (pg. 45).

Recording/playback Status Display

Live Memory Playback cannot be performed for approximately 30
seconds after recording has started.
Although high-speed search up to approximately 30 seconds before
the current recording point is possible during Live Memory Playback,
once the current recording point is reached, the unit resumes normal
playback and maintains a delay of approximately 30 seconds so that
recording and playback can continue.
When using Live Memory Playback during timer recording, playback
continues even after the end of the recording.
When using Live Memory Playback during timer recording, playback
is automatically stopped just before recording starts, and then
recording starts when the time arrives for the next timer-program.
It is impossible to perform ITR even if you press 7 during Live
Memory Playback. (pg. 41)
Press 8 to display the program being recorded, then perform ITR
Playback may be paused for a moment during Live Memory
Playback, which does not interfere with recording.
Live Memory Playback cannot be performed while recording the
source from DV input. (pg. 60, DV Dubbing)
When LIVE CHECK is pressed to display the picture currently being
recorded, the picture size may not be correct.
Press 7 or LIVE to stop Live Memory Playback.
Live Memory Playback cannot be performed, even if the LIVE
MEMORY is set to other than OFF in HDD SET UP, because
temporary recording on HDD stops during recording on DVD.
Live Memory Playback
Turn on the unit.
Turn on the TV and select the AV mode.
Slide the TV/CABLE/DBS/DVD switch to DVD.
Press HDD so that the HDD lamp lights up on the unit.
About limitation on temporary recording
The temporary recording for Live Memory is cancelled in the
following cases, and will start all over again when it is to resume.
When the power is turned off
When the system is powered again after a power failure was
When normal recording, timer recording, Live Memory Recording,
or Automatic Satellite Program Recording (pg.50) is performed
When the LIVE MEMORY setting is changed (pg.68)
When tuner channel setting is performed (pg. 23)
When dubbing is performed by pressing DUBBING (pg. 58)
When DV is selected by pressing CH +/ (pg. 60)
(High-speed read-out)
(High-speed writing)
High-speed spin
Image figure of the hard disc
Current recording position
(Recording point)
Recording start point
Current playback point
(Live Memory Playback)
0 30 min. 1 hour
continues Recording
Currently elapsed recording time
Live Memory Playback status can be checked by
pressing ON SCREEN to display the bar meter on
the superimpose display. The current status is
superimposed on the TV screen. (pg.17, When
using Live Memory playback)
Press NAVIGATION to display Library Database
Navigation menu, then choose a program to play
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