B. replacing rangetop orifices:
Tools required to replace orifices.
Small adjustable wrench.
1. Remove the lift off burner cap.
2. With the small adjustable wrench, unscrew the brass
venturi and remove.
3. Unscrew the natural gas orifices in each of the top
burners using the 7 mm nut driver included with orifice
kit. Replace with “LP” orifices listed below.
nat. gas lP/Propane
Front left superburner takes 1.75 mm (#50) .91 mm (#64)
Other front burners take 1.32 mm (#55) .89 mm (#65)
All rear burners use 1.09 mm (#57) .71 mm (#70)
Note: example. Orifices are stamped metric sizes. (00) is
the number drill equivalent.
4. Reinstall the brass
Store nat. gas orifices
and nut driver so they
are available for future
When replacing the
black caps, make sure
that the tabs in the cap
fit into the grooves of
the burner base.
warning – fire hazard
•Locatedgassupply shut off
valve on the press regulator.
•Shutoffgas supply before
converting to LP gas.
•Makeallconversions before
turning gas supply valve back on.
Failure to follow these instructions could result in fire,
explosion or other personal injury.

A. PlAstic cover

B. GAs Pressure reGulAtor cAP with solid end

fAcinG out

c. GAs Pressure reGulAtor cAP with hollow

end fAcinG out

d. wAsher

e. GAs Pressure reGulAtor cAP

conversion of regulator to “lP” on models 1860 & 1867 (gas oven)