oven rack Positions
Your oven has five rack positions. Rack position 1 is the
lowest position, or closest to the bottom of the oven. Rack
position 5 is the highest position, or farthest from the
bottom of the oven.
There are three straight racks. Be sure to position the oven
rack(s) before putting food into the oven or turning the
oven on.
to remove oven racks:
Lift rack at front and pull out.
to replace oven racks:
1. Place rear of rack on rack guides.
2. While lifting front of rack, push in all the way. Lower
for Proper cooking, follow these guidelines:
•when using one rack, place the rack so the top of the
food will be centered in the oven.
•when using two racks, place racks in positions 3 and 1
(the closest to the oven bottom).
•use only one cookie sheet in the oven at a time when
using the regular Bake setting.
rack Placement for specific foods:
(For rack positions, see “Rack Positions” at the top of this
fooD Position
Frozen Pies 1 or 2
Angel and bundt cakes, 2
most quick breads, yeast breads,
casseroles, meats
Cookies, biscuits, 2 or 3
muffins, cakes,
non frozen pies
using aluminum foil in the oven
Do not use aluminum foil for convection cooking.
aluminum foil may block airflow.
Do not cover the broiler grid with foil. Poor drainage
of grease may result in a fire.
When using aluminum foil for non-convection cooking
to catch spillovers from pies or casseroles, follow these
•Place the foil on the oven rack below the rack with
the food. Turn foil edges up and make sure foil is about
1 inch (2.5 cm) larger all around than the dish holding
the food.
•Do not cover the entire rack with aluminum foil.
It will reduce air circulation and cause poor cooking
•Do not line oven bottom or entire oven rack with foil
or other liners. Poor baking will result.