Exhaust fan must be operating while back burners
are on and/or oven is self cleaning.
Note: thermometer on oven door is decorative only; it is not functional.

Installation and Operating Instructions for

elmira stove works

electric ranges (models 1850 & 1855)

Gas/electric Combos (models 1865, 1870 & 1875)

Gas ranges (models 1860 & 1867)
Thank you for purchasing an Elmira Stove Works range.
You have purchased a quality, world-class product.
Years of engineering experience have gone into its manufacturing.
To ensure that you will enjoy many years of trouble-free operation,
we have developed this User Guide.
It is full of valuable information on how to operate and maintain
your range properly and safely. Please read it carefully.
Your porcelain stove top has been
coated with Turtle Wax for added
protection and ease of cleaning.
We recommend that it be rewaxed
every 3 months or as needed.
Install gas line and electric
receptacle behind stove six inches
off floor in center of opening.
Attention: Oven Bottom Finish
Do not line the oven bottom
with any type of liners, foil or
cookware. Do not cook on the oven
bottom. Permanent damage to
the oven bottom will result!