rePlacing lights

to replace oven light on model 1860 and


1. Unplug appliance or disconnect at the mail power
2. Replace the oven lights with a #4452166 15W
appliance bulb. These bulbs are available from a
Whirlpool/KitchenAid dealer or from Elmira Stove
3. All cabinet lights are the rectangular 12 volt 5 watt
variety as shown below.

to replace oven lights on all models but

1860 and 1867:

All lights on the range are 12-volt, 5-watt (maximum)
halogen bulbs.
Before replacing, make sure the oven is off and cool.
1. Disconnect power.
2. Remove glass light cover by grasping the front edge
and pulling away from oven.
3. Remove bulb from socket.
4. Replace bulb, replace bulb cover by snapping back
into wall.
5. Reconnect power.

resetting Breakers

In case of a malfunction, try resetting a breaker, at the
main breaker panel.

clock malfunction

If you have experienced a power surge or loss of power
recently, your clock may have “locked up”. Turn power
off to your range for about 5 minutes then reconnect. This
should reset clock/c ontrol and it s hould now function


Lubricate the following with white lubricant:
* Cabinet door hinge & spring (if they squeak).
* Oven door hinges (if they squeak).
If burner control knobs stick, remove knobs and lubricate
around switch shaft with a small amount of white lube.
Replace knobs on switches.

exterior surfaces

The exterior surfaces of your elmira range have been
coated with long-lasting, non-fading textured enamel. This
treatment is far more durable than paint and less fragile
than porcelain.
•Remove allspillsimmediatelytopreventstaining.Wipe
the surface with soapy water, rinse thoroughly with
clear water and dry with a soft cloth.
•Do notuse abrasivecleansers onenameled surfacesas
they will scratch the finish. VIM, Flitz or Soft Scrub
work well to remove stubborn stains. Follow directions
on the container.
•Should the surface of your range be accidentally
chipped, matching touch-up paint is available from the
factory at a cost of $9.00 plus shipping.

filter cleaning & replacement

Shut power off to range. Remove and clean the mesh filter
as required. If a charcoal filter is being used (ventless
installation), it should be replaced every six months.
To remove filter, remove the two screws holding the mesh
filter in place with a #2 phillips or red square screw driver.
Wash the mesh filter with soapy water. Rinse and dry.
Insert a new charcoal filter into mesh filter and replace the
Three charcoal filters are available for $28.00 (plus
shipping) from address on back cover.

Do your switch knobs turn But not

activate Burners?

All top burners use “Push to Turn Switches”. If switch
knobs are not pushed in before turned, they can break. A
set of six replacement knobs is available from the address
on back cover for $20.00 (plus shipping). Please include
model and serial number of range.
service must be performed by a knowledgeable service
if in doubt about how to handle service, call the factory
for help at: 1-800-295-8498.