Before you start

Before you start the self-cleaning cycle, make sure you:
•hand-clean the areas shown. They do not get hot
enough during the cleaning cycle for soil to burn away,
and could get baked on during cleaning. Use hot water
and detergent or a soapy steel-wool pad for cleaning.
Oven cleaners may be used in oven but must be
completely removed before self-cleaning cycle begins.
note: Do not clean, move or bend the gasket. Poor
cleaning, baking and roasting may result.
•wipe out any loose soil or grease. This will help reduce
smoke during the cleaning cycle.
•remove the broiler pan grid and anything else being
stored in the oven.
note: If oven racks are cleaned in the self-cleaning
cycle, they will become discoloured and more difficult to
If you clean racks in the self-cleaning cycle, place them on
the 2nd, 3rd and 4th rack guides.

for Best cleaning results

•clean the oven before it gets heavily soiled. Cleaning a
very soiled oven takes longer and results in more smoke
than usual.
•after the oven is cool, wipe up any residue or ash with
a damp cloth or sponge. If any spots remain, clean with
a mild abrasive cleanser or mildly abrasive pad.
•if the self-cleaning cycle does not get the oven as
clean as you expected, the cycle may not have been
set long enough or you may not have prepared the oven
properly. Set the self-cleaning cycle longer the next time
and hand-clean areas noted above.
By turning exhaust fan on while self-cleaning most
smoke and odor in kitchen will be eliminated.

Porcelain enamel

Porcelain enamel is glass fused on metal and may crack
or chip with misuse. It is acid resistant, not acid proof.
All spillovers, especially acid, milk, tomato or sugar
spillovers, should be wiped up immediately with a dry
cloth. When cool, wash with soapy water, rinse and dry.
Never use oven cleaners on exterior finish of range.

automatic Door lock

As soon as you program the oven for the self-cleaning
function, the door will automatically lock within approx. 5
seconds. It will remain locked throughout the entire cycle.
The door will automatically unlock when the temperature
lowers to a safe level.
maintenance & minor rePair

removable oven Door

The oven door is removable to allow easier cleaning inside the
oven if desired.

removing the oven Door:

Completely open oven door. In both back corners of the
door you will see door latches in the locked position.
Rotate both latches forward to the unlocked position.
Grasp outside edges of door with both hands.
•Beginclosingdoor, at the moment the door stops
closing, lift and pull door toward you.