safety instructions

(all models)

Important! Save these instructions for the local
inspector’s use.
WarnIng! Prior to installing this appliance, read
the Safety Instructions as they relate to Installation on
pages 3 through 7 of this manual. Failure to follow these
instructions could result in serious electric hazard, risk of
fire, and/or personal injury.
models 1850, 1855, 1865, 1870 & 1875 are equipped
with a 240 volt, standard range power cord & plug.
see page 4 for amp ratings of each model.
models 1860 & 1867 come with a 120 volt, 5 amp power
cord & plug.
Use this appliance for its intended use, as described in this
Never use your appliance for warming or heating the
Do not assume that you know how to operate all parts of
the range. Some features may work differently from those
of your previous range.
Do not climb, stand or hang on the door or range top.
This can damage the range or tip it over, causing severe
personal injury.


Do not leave children alone in the area where your range
is in use. They should never be allowed to stand or sit on
any part of this appliance.
Instruct your small children that the range is not a toy and
could hurt them. As your children grow up, teach them the
proper and safe use of the range.
Children must be taught not to use the oven door as a
stepping stool to reach the cabinet above, as it may result
in an injury.


Do not store items of interest to children on cabinet
above the range or on the back of the cooking surface.
children climbing to reach items could be seriously
When cleaning cycle is on, the oven door and cooking
surface will be hot. Keep children away from the range as
a safety precaution.


Do not store gasoline, flammable vapors or materials, etc.,
in the oven, under or around the appliance area.

hot surface

Exercise caution. Surfaces may be hot enough to burn.
Electric elements may be hot even when they appear dark
in color.
Do not operate surface burners without utensils in place.
Allow elements and burner surfaces to cool before cleaning.
If a wet sponge or c loth is used to wipe sp ills on a hot
cooking area, be careful to avoid steam burn. Some cleaners
can produce noxious fumes if applied to a hot surface.
Loose clothing of flammable material (pot holders) could
ignite if brought in contact with hot burners and may
cause severe burns.
Moist or damp pot holders on hot surfaces may result in
burns from steam. Do not let pot holders touch hot heating
elements. Do not use towels or other bulky cloths as pot
Cooktop temperatures increase with the number of
elements on. With three or four elements turned on,
surface temperatures are high. Exercise care when
touching the cooktop.


Keep the hood and grease filters clean to maintain good
venting and to avoid grease fires.
Do not let cooking grease or other flammable materials
accumulate in or near the range.


Grease is flammable and should be handled carefully.
Avoid letting grease deposits collect around the range in
vent fans. Don’t leave cans of drippings sit around the
range; refrigerate or dispose of promptly. Let quantities
of hot fat (a pan of deep fat for example) cool before
attempting to move or handle it. Grease fires can often
be extinguished by quickly putting on the pan lid or by
covering with baking soda. Do not attempt to extinguish
with water because this will spread the fire.
never pick up a flaming pan.


Stand away from range when opening the oven door. Hot
air or steam which escapes can cause burns.
Do not heat unopened food containers in the oven.
Pressure could build up and the container could burst,
causing injury or damage to the range.
Keep oven vent ducts unobstructed.
Keep oven free from grease build up.
Place oven rack in desired position while oven is cool.
If rack must be handled when hot, do not let pot holder
touch heating elements in the oven.
Pull out oven rack to the rack stop to reduce chance of
burns from touching hot surfaces of the door and oven.
When using cooking or roasting bags in oven, follow the
manufacturer’s directions.
Do not use your oven to dry newspapers.

aluminum foil

Do not use aluminum foil near the broil element. This
could cause damage to the elements.