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Your range is warranted by elmira stove works to be free from defects in material and
workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Elements, burners and
smooth tops are warranted for five years.
elmira stove works warrants to replace any parts free of charge which become defective
during the period of this warranty. It also warrants to provide fair service labor rates to install
the warranted parts during the first year. Glass, light bulbs, enamel, porcelain coatings and
nickel plating are not covered by the warranty. Warranty is subject to the terms outlined
terms and conditions
This warranty applies only for residential use in the country of purchase. The range must be
properly installed according to this manual and to local building and safety codes. Abuse,
accident, alteration or misuse will void this warranty.
Neither elmira stove works nor the dealer is liable for any damages or claims resulting
from failure of the range or from service delays beyond their control.
Parts repaired or replaced through this warranty are warranted for the balance of the original
warranty period.
This warranty does not cover any cost of making the appliance readily available for service,
and does not cover labor performed at overtime or premium rates.
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