What's in the Box?

Samsung Smart Control & Batteries

Regulatory Guide

(AA x 2)

(Not available in some locations)

Warranty Card

Power Cord

(Not available in some locations)


User Manual


One connect Mini

One connect Mini cable

CI Card Adapter

-- Make sure that the following items are included with your TV. If there are any items missing, contact your local dealer.

-- The colours and shapes of the items differ with the model.

-- Cables not supplied with this product can be purchased separately.

-- Open the box and check for any accessory items hidden behind or inside the packing materials.

An administration fee may be charged in the following situations:

(a)An engineer is called out at your request, but there will be no defect with the product (i.e., where the user manual has not been read).

(b)You bring the unit to a repair centre, but there will be no defect identified the product (i.e., where the user manual has not been read).

You will be informed of the administration fee amount before a technician visits.


AV Adapter

Component Adapter

Warning: Screens can be damaged from





direct pressure when handled incorrectly. We



recommend lifting the TV at the edges, as shown.

English - 3

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Do Not Touch

This Screen!

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