The e-Manual

The embedded e-Manual contains information about the key features of your TV.

-- You can download and view a printable version of the e-Manual on the Samsung website.


Displaying the e-Manual:


On the Samsung Smart Control, press the MENU/123 button, and then select e-Manual


on the On-Screen Remote.


On the TV’s menu, select Support > e-Manual.

Using the buttons available on the main screen of the e-Manual







Select an item from the search results to load the corresponding



















Select a keyword to navigate to the relevant page.



















Recent pages

Select a topic from the list of recently viewed topics.








Updating the e-Manual to the latest version

You can update the e-Manual in the same way you update apps.

Initial setup

The initial setup dialogue box appears when the TV is first activated. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the initial setup process. You can manually perform this process at a later time in the System > Setup menu.


Accessing the associated menu screen from an e-Manual topic page




Try Now

Access the associated menu item and try out the feature directly.













Access a topic referred to on an e-Manual topic page.






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