The Samsung Smart Control

: Press this button to mute the sound temporarily.

-- AD: Press and hold this button to bring up Accessibility Shortcuts that enables or disables Accessibility menus.

MIC: Use the microphone with the Voice Control and Voice functions.

: Turns the TV on and off.

SOURCE: Displays and selects the available video sources.

MENU/123: Displays the numeric buttons, the content control button, and other function buttons on the screen so that you can run functions conveniently.

-- Press and hold this button to run the Voice Recognition function.

Y: Changes the volume. <P >: Changes the channel.

POINTER: Place a finger on the POINTER button and move the Samsung Smart Control. The pointer on the screen moves in the direction you moved the Samsung Smart Control. Press the POINTER button to select or run a focused item.

<>¡£: Moves the focus, and changes the values seen on the TV's menu.

(Enter): Selects or runs a focused item. -- Press and hold to display the Guide.

RETURN: Returns to the previous menu or channel.

-- EXIT: Press and hold this button to exit the currently running function on the TV's screen. : Controls the content when playing the media content such as movie, picture, or music.

EXTRA: Displays related information about the current programme.

SMART HUB: Launches Smart Hub applications. (See the e-Manual chapter, "Smart Features > Smart Hub.")

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