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7.3.2 Network

7. Administration (continued)

7.3.2 Network

Clicking on the Network icon at the top of the screen brings you to the Network page. From here you can set access ports that will be allowed by a firewall, configure the KVM’s IP address and DNS server address, and set the IP Installer settings. IP Installer settings can only be changed using the Web Management Interface.

Access Ports

If a firewall is being used, these fields allow administrators to specify port numbers that the firewall will allow. The firewall must be set to allow access to these ports. If an invalid port number (or no port number) is specified in the firewall, the KVM switch will not be found. An explanation of the ports you can set via this page is given in the table:






This is the port number that must be specified when


connecting to the KVM via the AP Windows or Java


Cient. The default is 9000.




This port number is for a browser login. The default is 80.




This port number is for a secure browser login. The


default is 443.



Note: A different value must be set for each access port. If there is no firewall, it doesn’t matter what these numbers are set to, since they have no effect.

IP Address and DNS Server

The KVM’s IP and DNS Server addresses can be assigned automatically by a DHCP server, or given a fixed address by an administrator. By default, the B022-U08-IP is set to have an IP address assigned automatically via DHCP server. If this is the case, you will need to obtain the IP address from your network administrator. If connected to a network without a DHCP server, it boots with a default IP address. The default IPv4 and IPv6 addresses can be found on the sticker on the bottom of the unit. Follow the steps below to configure the KVM’s IPv4 or IPv6 settings accordingly, depending on your network.

1.To have the IP address pulled automatically via DHCP server, make sure that the Obtain an IP address automatically [DHCP] option is selected.

2.To assign a fixed IP address, make sure the Use the following IP address [Fixed IP] option is selected.

3.Fill in the IPv4 or IPv6 Configuration fields with information appropriate to your network.

4.If you have set the IP address to be pulled via DHCP server, you can either choose to assign the DNS server address via DHCP as well, or assign a fixed DNS server address. If you have assigned a fixed IP address for the KVM, you must also assign a fixed DNS server address. To have the DNS server address pulled via DHCP server, make sure that the Obtain DNS server address automatically option is selected. To assign a fixed DNS server address, make sure that the Using the following DNS server address option is selected.

5.Fill in the Primary DNS server and Alternate DNS server fields with information appropriate for your network.

Note: Specifying the primary DNS Server address is mandatory. The alternate DNS Server address is optional.

6.After all changes have been made, make sure that the Reset on exit checkbox in the Customization screen is checked. This checkbox should automatically be checked anytime network settings have been changed.

7.Exit the remote session and logout of the KVM switch. Upon logging out of the KVM, a prompt will appear stating the KVM will be reset. Upon completion of the KVM reset, the new network settings will be saved.


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Tripp Lite B022-U08-IP owner manual Access Ports, IP Address and DNS Server, Administration continued, Network