Bosch Appliances VMD01 M50 PAL, VMD01 M60 NTSC manual Operating instructions, continued, English

Models: VMD01 M60 NTSC VMD01 M50 PAL

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Operating instructions, continued

Operating instructions, continued




Access to alarm image memory:

Alarm images can be viewed before or after acknowledgement. To switch from live images to alarm images, briefly press the key/rotary switch.

No alarm images present = Access to alarm image memory: .

If alarm images are present, a display “0“ appears in the monitor picture, i.e. the alarm occurred at this point in time.

Rotate the key/rotary switch to the:

left, for pre-alarm images right, for post-alarm images +”. The object causing the alarm is outlined in red in the alarm image and in the post-alarm image. The first detection of the object is outlined in yellow. Movement of the object is outlined with a green line between the yellow and red lines. See also chapter 3.1 (Overlaid lines for color and B/W signals). If an image is displayed for longer than 5 seconds, the lines will disappear. Upon switching further to pre or post-alarm images, these will first be displayed with masks. The alarm mode is exited by briefly pressing again. There is a switch to the live image if no operation in the alarm memory is carried out within 60 seconds.

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Page 17
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Bosch Appliances VMD01 M50 PAL, VMD01 M60 NTSC Operating instructions, continued, English, Access to alarm image memory