Cisco 12000/10720 v3.2 Router Manager User Guide
Chapter14 Routing
BGP Configuration
BGP Modify Window—Detailed Description
The BGP Modify window displays the following:
Local AS—The Autonomous System number in the router.
BGP Identifier—Used to configure the Router Identifier for the BGP speaking
Note Peering sessions are reset if the router ID is changed.
BGP Synchronization—This is used to Enable or Disable BGP synchronization
with Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP).
BGP Auto-Summary—This is used to Enable or Disable Automatic network
number summarization for BGP
BGP Log Neighbor-Changes—This is used to set logging of BGP neighbor resets.
This value can be set to “Yes” or “No”.
BGP Default IPV4-Unicast—This is used to set the default as the IP version 4
(IPv4) unicast for BGP peers on the router.
BGP Default-Metric—This is used to configure the default-metric value for
redistributed routes.
Note If this attribute is set to zero, then the default metric is removed from the device.
Disabling BGP on a Chassis
This section describes the procedure to disable a BGP process running in the
device. To disable a BGP process, proceed as follows:
Step1 Open the BGP Configuration window. See “Viewing the BGP Details Tab on the
BGP Configuration Window” section on page14-4 for further details.