Chapter14 Routing
BGP Address Family Configuration
Cisco 12000/10720 v3.2 Router Manager User Guide
BGP Address Family-Configure Redistribute Protocol—Detailed
The BGP Address Family - Configure Redistribute Protocol window displays a
list Address Families and an area: Add/Remove Redistribution Information.
Address Family—Displays a list of the address families.

Add/Remove Redistribution Information

Address Family—Specifies the address family type.
VRF Name—Identifier of the VRF Name if the address family type is ipv4 vrf
Protocol—This is used to set the protocol whose routes are redistributed by BGP
Address Family. The redistribute configuration causes the corresponding routes to
be redistributed into BGP. Valid Protocol Names that can be redistributed are
connected, static, ospf, isis, igrp, eigrp, egp, rip, mobile, odr, dvmrp.
IS-IS Routing Level—This is used to choose the routing level of ISIS Protocol.
The values for this field are: level-1, level-2 or level-1-2 when protocol is ‘isis’.
Source ID—This is used to configure the Process ID of the redistributed protocol.
A Positive Integer will indicate the process id of the redistributed protocol; a
character string will indicate the ISO routing area tag. In case of protocols like
CONNECTED and STATIC this attribute cannot be configured.
Metric—This is used to configure the metric used for redistributed routes.
Note You cannot configure a redistribute protocol for vpnv4 address families.
Add Redistribute Entry—Clicking on the Add Redistribute Entry button, adds the
redistribution entry to the BGP Address Family on the device.
Remove Redistribute Entry—Clicking on the “Remove Redistribute Entry”
button, removes the redistribution entry from the BGP Address Family on the