Chapter14 Routing
BGP Configuration
Cisco 12000/10720 v3.2 Router Manager User Guide
Step2 Choose the chassis for which you want to disable BGP from the left side of the
Note You can choose multiple chassis (from the chassis list) which allows you
to disable BGP for the selected chassis.
Step3 Click on the Disable button.
Note The Disable button is active only when there is BGP running on the
Figure14-4 Disable BGP—Alert
Step4 Click Yes to disable BGP on the chassis.
Step5 Click No to abort the Disable BGP operation.
Viewing the Network Tab on the BGP Configuration Window
The Network tab displays the information about paths to destination networks
from all the BGP4 Peers. The user can add or remove a BGP network on the
device. To view the Network tab on the BGP Configuration window for a chassis,
proceed as follows:
Step1 Right click on the chassis object and choose Configuration>BGP>BGP
Configuration. See Table14-1 on page 14-2 for information on which objects
allow you to launch the BGP Configuration window.
Step2 Click on the Network tab.