Chapter14 Routing
OSPF Configuration
Cisco 12000/10720 v3.2 Router Manager User Guide
Config Tab—Detailed Description
The Config tab displays two areas: Add OSPF, Remove OSPF and a listbox, OSPF


Process ID—The OSPF process ID of the selected chassis.
OSPF Process—The OSPF processes currently configured for the selected
Add OSPF Process—Adds the OSPF Process and Network details (Network
Number, Network Mask and Area ID) to the selected chassis.
Remove OSPF Processes—Removes the OSPF Process from the selected chassis.
Adding an OSPF Process
This section explains the procedure to add an OSPF process to the device. To add
an OSPF process, proceed as follows:
Step1 Open the OSPF configuration window. See “Viewing the OSPF Configuration
Window” section on page14-69 for further details.
Step2 Enter an OSPF process id in the Process ID textbox.
Step3 Click on the Add OSPF Process button. An action report appears.