Cisco 12000/10720 v3.2 Router Manager User Guide
Chapter14 Routing
BGP Configuration
Update-Source—This is used to set the BGP sessions to use a specific operational
interface for TCP connections.
Note The Update Source command in the device can specify any interface (physical,
virtual, loopback) to be used as source IP address of the BGP session with the
neighbor; but in the EM only the loopback interface can be specified.
Loopback—This is used to configure Router's Loopback Interface Number. This
is valid only if Update-Source is set to YES.
Add Neighbor Entry—Clicking on the Add Neighbor Entry action button adds the
neighbor entry in the device.
Remove Neighbor Entry—Clicking on the Remove Neighbor Entry action button
removes the neighbor entry from the device.
Viewing the Redistribution Tab on the BGP Configuration Window
The Redistribution tab displays the redistributed information from other routing
protocols. The user can add or remove the redistributed protocol entries on the
device. To view the Redistribution tab on the BGP Configuration window for a
chassis, proceed as follows:
Step1 Right click on the chassis object and choose Configuration>BGP>BGP
Configuration. See Table14-1 on page 14-2 for information on which objects
allow you to launch the BGP Configuration window.
Step2 Click on the Redistribution tab.