Chapter14 Routing
BGP Address Family Configuration
Cisco 12000/10720 v3.2 Router Manager User Guide
Step4 Choose the chassis from the Chassis list for which you want to configure the BGP
address family.
Step5 Edit the fields displayed in the window, as required.
Configure Address Family—Detailed Description
The Configure Address Family window displays a single area: Add/Remove
Address Family.

Add Address Family

Address Family—Unique identifier of the address family type. The available
options are: ipv4 unicast, ipv4 multicast and vpnv4 unicast.
Note In Cisco 12000/10720 Router Manager Release 3.1, the ipv4 vrf address family
type is not configurable through the EM.
Neighbor IP Address—Specifies the IP address of the neighbor router for the
address family
Remote AS—Specifies the neighbor router’s autonomous system number. This
value can range from 1 to 65535.
Note This attribute is configurable only for the ipv4 unicast and ipv4 vrf address
Send Community—Specifies the community attribute sent in the route updates to
a peer. The available options are: both, extended and standard. However, the
default is not to send community attribute in route updates.