Cisco 12000/10720 v3.2 Router Manager User Guide
Chapter14 Routing
BGP Address-Family Status
Best Route—Specifies whether the network path is the best possible route. When
set to true, it indicates that the network path is the best route for the router.
The AF—Neighbor tab displays a single area: Neighbor Information.

Neighbor Information

Neighbor IP Address—Specifies the IP address of the neighbor router for the
address family.
Remote AS—Specifies the neighbor routers autonomous system number. This
value can range from1 to 65535.
Activate—Enables the neighbor to exchange prefixes for the specified family type
with the local router.
Neighbor Send Community—Specifies the community attribute sent in the route
updates to a peer. The default is not to send community attribute in route updates.
The AF—Redistribute tab displays a single area: Redistribute Information.

Redistribute Information

Protocol—Displays the protocol whose routes are redistributed by BGP. The
redistribute configuration causes the corresponding routes to be redistributed into
AS/Tag—Indicates the Process ID of the redistributed protocol. A Positive Integer
will indicate the process id of the redistributed protocol; a character string will
indicate the ISO routing area tag.
IS-IS Route Level—Specifies the routing level of ISIS Protocol.
Redistribution Metric—Displays the metric used for redistributed routes for this
address family.