Chapter14 Routing
BGP Address Family Configuration
Cisco 12000/10720 v3.2 Router Manager User Guide

Network Information

Network Address—An IP address prefix in the Network Layer Reachability
Information field. This object is an IP address containing the prefix with the
length specified by the Prefix Len attribute. Any bits beyond the length specified
by Network Mask attribute are zeroed.
Prefix Len—Length in bits of the IP address prefix in the network layer
reachability information field.
Path Origin—The ultimate origin of the network path information.
Next Hop Ip Address—The address of the border router that should be used for
the destination network.
Metric—This metric is used to discriminate between multiple exit points to an
adjacent autonomous number. A value of -1 indicates the absence of this attribute.
Degree of Preference—The originating BGP4 speaker's degree of preference for
an advertised route. A value of -1 indicates the absence of this attribute.
Weightage—Specifies the BGP weight for the routing table.
Best Route—Specifies whether the network path is the best possible route. When
set to true, it indicates that the network path is the best route for the router.
Add/Remove AF Network—Clicking on the “Add/Remove AF Network” opens
the BGP Address Family- Network Configuration window.
BGP Address Family—Network Configuration
The BGP Address Family - Network Configuration window allows the user to add
or remove network paths for BGP address families. To configure a Network path
for an address family, proceed as follows:
Step1 Open the BGP Address-Family Configuration window. See “Viewing the
AF-General Tab on the BGP Address-Family Configuration Window” section on
page 14-38 for further details. Click on the AF-Network Tab.