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Instructions/Parts List

High Sanitation Pumps
For use in sanitary applications.
Models 1590 & 3150 SA__ Sanitary Diaphragm Pump
Models 1590 & 3150 SB__ Sanitary Ball Check Pump
Model 3150 SF__ Sanitary Flapper Check Pump
120 psi (0.8 MPa, 8 bar) Maximum Fluid Working Pressure
120 psi (0.8 MPa, 8 bar) Maximum Air Input Pressure
US and Foreign Patents Pending
US Patent No. 5,368,452
II 2 G c T6
II 2 G c T6
Model SA3AAA Shown TI8760a
Important Safety Instructions.
Read all warnings and instructions in
this manual. Save these instructions.
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