Haier 3150 SF, 3150 SB Maintenance, Lubrication, Flushing, Tightening Connections, 310622L

Models: 1590 SB 3150 SA 3150 SF 1590 SA 3150 SB

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The air valve is designed to operate unlubricated, how- ever if lubrication is desired, every 500 hours of opera- tion (or monthly) remove the hose from the pump air inlet and add two drops of machine oil to the air inlet.


Do not over-lubricate the pump. Oil is exhausted through the muffler and could contaminate your fluid supply or other equipment. Excessive lubrication can also cause the pump to malfunction.


Insert suction tube into cleaning solution. Open air regu- lator to supply low pressure air to the pump. Run the pump long enough to thoroughly clean the pump and hoses. Close the air regulator. Remove the suction tube from the cleaning solution and drain pump. Place suc- tion tube in the fluid to be pumped.

Flush the pump often enough to prevent the fluid you are pumping from drying or freezing in the pump and damaging it. Flushing schedule will be based on what the pump is being used for. Use a compatible cleaning solution and always cycle the pump during the entire flushing process.

Always flush the pump and relieve the pressure before storing it for any length of time.

Routine Cleaning of Product Contact Section of Pump

Lubrication The pump and the system should be cleaned in accordance with your state sanitary standard codes and local regulations.

1.Flush the system. See Flushing above.

2.Relieve pressure in the system. See Pressure Relief Procedure on page 10.

3.Disassemble the fluid section of the pump and accessories. See Check Valve Repair on page 19 and Diaphragm Repair on page 21.

4.Using a brush or other C.I.P. methods, wash all product contact pump parts with an alkaline deter- gent at the manufacturer’s recommended tempera- ture and concentration.

5.Rinse these parts again with water and allow parts to completely dry.

6.Inspect the parts and reclean any soiled parts.

7.Immerse all product contact parts in an approved sanitizer before assembly. Leave the parts in the sanitizer, taking them out only one by one as needed for assembly. See Check Valve Repair on page 19 and Diaphragm Repair on page 21.

8.Lubricate the clamps, clamping surfaces, and gas- kets with waterproof sanitary lubricant.

9.Circulate the sanitizing solution through the pump and the system prior to use. Cycle the pump as the sanitizing solution is circulated.

Tightening Connections

Before each use, check all hoses for wear or damage, and replace as necessary. Check to be sure all connec- tions are tight and leak-free.



Page 11
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Haier 3150 SF, 3150 SB Maintenance, Lubrication, Flushing, Routine Cleaning of Product Contact Section of Pump, 310622L