Haier 1590 SA Bearing and Air Gasket Removal, Service, Tools Required, Disassembly, 310622L

Models: 1590 SB 3150 SA 3150 SF 1590 SA 3150 SB

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Bearing and Air Gasket Removal

4.Grease the length of the diaphragm shaft (121), and slide it through the housing (101).

5.Assemble the other diaphragm assembly to the shaft as explained in step 2.

6.Non 3A approved diaphragms: Using a 5/8 in. wrench hold the wrench flats of one diaphragm assembly and torque the other diaphragm to 60-70ft-lb(81-94 Nm).

3A approved diaphragms: Grip both diaphragms securely around the outer edge and handtighten.

Manual background Waterproof, sanitary lubricant may be applied to the clamp (135) and clamping surface of the cover

(234)to ease assembly.

7.Align the fluid covers (234) and the center housing. Secure the covers with the clamps (135) and hand tighten.

135 234


FIG. 20

8.Reassemble the ball check valves and manifolds as explained on page 19.


Bearing and Air Gasket Removal

Tools Required

Torque wrench

10 mm socket wrench

Bearing puller

O-ring pick

Press, or block and mallet


Manual background Do not remove undamaged bearings.

1.Relieve the pressure.

2.Remove the manifolds and disassemble the ball check valves as explained on page 19.

3.Remove the fluid covers and diaphragm assemblies as explained on page 21.

Manual background If you are removing only the diaphragm shaft bearing (117), skip step 4.

4.Disassemble the air valve as explained on page 16.

5.Using a 10 mm socket wrench, remove the screws (122) holding the air covers (120) to the center housing (101).

101 119 120 122


FIG. 21

6.Remove the air cover gaskets (119). Always replace the gaskets with new ones.

7.Use a bearing puller to remove the diaphragm shaft bearings (117), air valve bearings (112) or pilot pin bearings (113). Do not remove undamaged bear- ings



Page 23
Image 23
Haier 1590 SA, 3150 SB, 3150 SF, 3150 SA Bearing and Air Gasket Removal, Service, Tools Required, Disassembly, 310622L