Haier 3150 SF Mountings, Air Line, Fluid Suction Line, Ground Wire Connection, Installation

Models: 1590 SB 3150 SA 3150 SF 1590 SA 3150 SB

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Ground Wire Connection




Ground Wire Connection

FIG. 2

Air and fluid hoses: Use only grounded hoses with a maximum of 500 ft (150 m) combined hose length to ensure grounding continuity.

Air compressor: Follow the manufacturer’s recom- mendations.

Fluid supply container: Follow the local code.



The pump exhaust air may contain contaminants. Ventilate to a remote area if the contaminants could affect your fluid supply. See Air Exhaust Ventilation on page 8.

Be sure the mounting surface can support the weight of the pump, hoses, and accessories, as well as the stress caused during operation.

For ease of operation and service, mount the pump so the air valve cover (2), air inlet, and fluid inlet and outlet ports are easily accessible.

Air Line

A bleed-type master air valve (B) is required in the system to relieve air trapped between this valve and the pump. Trapped air can cause the pump to cycle unexpectedly, which could result in serious injury including splashing in the eyes or on the skin, injury from moving parts, or contamination from hazardous fluids. See FIG. 3.

1.Install the air line accessories as shown in FIG. 3. Mount these accessories on the wall or on a bracket. Be sure the air line supplying the accesso- ries is grounded.

a.Install an air regulator (C) and gauge to control the fluid pressure. The fluid outlet pressure will be the same as the setting of the air regulator.

b.Locate one bleed-type master air valve (B) close to the pump and use it to relieve trapped air. Locate the other master air valve (E) upstream from all air line accessories and use it to isolate them during cleaning and repair.

c.The air line filter (F) removes harmful dirt and moisture from the compressed air supply.

2.Install a grounded, flexible air hose (A) between the accessories and the 1/2 npt(f) pump air inlet (M). Use a minimum 3/8 in. (9.5 mm) ID air hose. Screw an air line quick disconnect coupler (D) onto the end of the air hose (A), and screw the mating fitting into the pump air inlet snugly.

Do not connect the coupler (D) to the fitting until you are ready to operate the pump. Connecting the cou- pler too early can result in unintentional operation of the pump, leading to serious injury from to moving parts, splashing fluid in the eyes or on the skin, and contact with hazardous fluids.

Fluid Suction Line

1.Use flexible, grounded fluid hoses (G) where possi- ble.

2.For best sealing results, use a standard Tri-Clamp® style sanitary gasket of a flexible material such as EPDM, Buna-N, fluoroelastomer, or silicon.

3.If the fluid inlet pressure to the pump is more than 25% of the outlet working pressure, the ball check valves will not close fast enough, resulting in ineffi- cient pump operation.



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Haier 3150 SF, 3150 SB, 3150 SA Mountings, Air Line, Fluid Suction Line, Ground Wire Connection, Installation, 310622L