Iomega 03798300 Getting Started, Installation Guide, Check system requirements, of this guide. M

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Installation Guide

Installation Guide

Getting Started


M IMPORTANT! The Zip Internal drive uses the computer’s


onboard IDE/ATA interface. See the User’s Guide section


Understanding IDE Connections on pages 36 and 37 of this guide


for important information. M


Check system requirements.

• Pentium 100 MHz or higher IBM-compatible computer


• Empty 312” or 514 “ drive bay with front panel access


• Embedded IDE interface or IDE controller card


• Windows NT®, Windows® 95/98, or Windows 3.1


• Iomega software (included with the Zip® Internal drive)


M NOTE: The Zip® Internal drive meets the latest ATAPI


specifications; however, some computers with early ATAPI support


do not meet these specifications and may not work correctly with


removable ATAPI drives like the Zip Internal drive. If the computer


fails to boot correctly or hangs while booting after the Zip Internal


drive is installed, refer to page 40 in the Troubleshooting section


of this guide. M


Unpack the Zip® Internal ATAPI drive.



Before handling the Zip® Internal drive, touch a grounded

metal object (like an unpainted metal screw on the back of your computer) to discharge any buildup of personal static electricity. M

IomegaWare™ CD

Owner's Manual CD

Owner's Manual

IDE Data


Power-Y Cable

Zip Internal Drive

250MB Zip Disk

Drive Bay Mounting Screws


MIMPORTANT! The jumper that shipped with your Zip drive is not always needed for proper installation. M


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Iomega 03798300 Getting Started, Installation Guide, Check system requirements, Unpack the Zip Internal ATAPI drive