Lindy CPU IP Access Switch Plus manual Using the viewer window, The menu bar, , Fewer colours

Models: CPU IP Access Switch Plus

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Using the viewer window

Using the viewer window

The viewer window gives you the ability to view and control the CPU IP and its host computer(s). Its operation is almost identical regardless of whether you used the VNC viewer or your Web browser to display it.

The menu bar

The viewer window presents a menu bar similar to that shown below. Certain items within the toolbar are displayed depending upon your access permissions and/or the CPU IP configuration.

Viewer options



Dialogue area

(VNC viewer only)

Displays a menu of

Click to access the

Indicates your username

Click the VNC

options concerning

power on/off options

and the host system that

icon to view the

keyboard, video and

for the current host

you are currently viewing.

viewer window

mouse operation.


This area can also display




other messages.

Re-sync mouse

Auto calibrate


Access mode


Ensures that the

Determines the

Click to display

Allows you

This option is only

mouse pointer

optimum video and

a list of hosts.

to choose

available to the

which you move

mouse settings for the

Choose an


admin user and

and the mouse

currently selected host

entry to

Shared and

provides access

pointer on the

computer. This button

connect to

Private access

to the main

host system

will flash red when

that host



are correctly

a new host screen is





encountered. Click this





button when you first





visit a new screen.




When using the viewer window

What is the best screen resolution to use?

The best resolution for your computer is one that is larger than the screen of the host computer that you are viewing. This will allow you to see everything without scrolling around, as described next.

How do I navigate around a larger screen?

If the screen that you are viewing has a larger resolution than your viewing window you will need to scroll around to see all items. The viewer window allows you to ‘bump scroll’ (only in full screen mode). This means that when your mouse cursor bumps against the edge of the screen, the screen image will scroll across automatically.

How do I escape from full screen mode?

Press the F8 button. This button is changeable but is most often set to F8.

Why is the The menu bar button flashing red?

This happens when a new host screen is viewed (that has not been viewed before). Click the When using the viewer window button to perform an auto calibration for the screen and the mouse. See Auto calibrate for important information about this feature.

How do I change between host computers?

The best way to change between host computers is to click the ‘Hosts’ button and then select the required computer by name. See Host selection.

How do I remove traces of moved items from the screen?

When you move an item or window across the screen, sometimes it can leave unsightly trails. These are called artifacts and can be particularly prevalent when the connection speed is low. To remove artifacts, click the ‘Controls’ button and select the ‘Refresh screen’ option. See Controls.

How do I make the most of a slow connection?

The VNC viewer is slightly better suited to slower connections than the browser viewer because it offers more options. Click the Options button of the VNC viewer when entering the CPU IP address during log on.

Adjust the Threshold setting

Ensure that the video Threshold setting is set higher than the automatic setting suggests. Tweak this setting manually to ensure the best setting.

Fewer colours

Select the Low (64 colours) mode. The Very low option offers hardly any improvement and looks a lot worse.

Rate limit mouse events

When selected, this mode greatly reduces the mouse movement data that are sent to the host computer. When you move the local mouse, the remote cursor will catch up roughly once per second.

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Lindy CPU IP Access Switch Plus Using the viewer window, The menu bar, When using the viewer window, , Fewer colours