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Models: CPU IP Access Switch Plus

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Setting IP access control

Setting IP access control

The golden rule with this feature is ‘Include before you exclude’ or to put it another way ‘Arrange allowed addresses in the list before the denied addresses’.

This is because the positions of entries in the list are vitally important. Once a range of addresses is denied access, it is not possible to make exceptions for particular addresses within that range. For instance, if the range of addresses from A to F are denied access first, then the address C could not be granted access lower down the list. Address C needs to be placed in the list before the denied range.

To define a new IP access control entry

1 Click the Add button to display a popup dialog:


IMPORTANT: This feature should be configured with extreme caution as it is possible to deny access to everyone. If such an error occurs, see Clear IP access control for details about how to regain access.

In the list, access control addresses prefixed by ‘+’ are allow entries while those prefixed by ‘– ‘ are deny entries.


Enter the network address that is to be allowed or denied access. If a range of addresses is being specified then specify any one of the addresses within the range and use the Mask entry to indicate the size of the range.


Enter an IP network mask that indicates the range of addresses that are to be allowed or denied access. For instance, if only a single specified IP address were to be required, the mask entry would be in order to specify a single location. See Calculating the mask for IP access control for details.


Use the arrow buttons to select either ‘Allow’ or ‘Deny’ as appropriate.


To get here

1Using VNC viewer or a browser, log on as the ‘admin’ user.

2 Click the ‘Configure’ button in the top right corner. 3 Click the ‘Network configuration’ option.

2Enter the base network address, the mask and select the appropriate access setting.

3 Click the OK button.

To reorder access control entries

IMPORTANT: When reordering, ensure that any specific allowed addresses are listed higher in the list than any denied addresses. Take care not to invoke any deny access settings that would exclude valid users.

1In the access control list, click on the entry to be moved.

2 Click the Up or Down buttons as appropriate.

To edit/remove access control entries

1In the access control list, click on the appropriate entry.

2 Click either the Edit or Remove button as appropriate.

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Lindy CPU IP Access Switch Plus manual Setting IP access control, , , , To get here