212 C624M-C (5/06)
Administering the DX8000
This section describes how to perform DX8000 system administration and includes the following topics:
Updating the DX8000 Server and Client Applications on page 212
Recovering a Password on page 215


From time to time, software updates may be made available for both the DX8000 server and client applications. These updates will be free and
will be made available on compact disc from Pelco. When an update is issued, it must be loaded onto a single DX8000 Series DVR server. Once
installed on a server, the updates will be automatically distributed to clients on the same network when the client applications are started.
Remote DX8000 severs can be updated from a local DVR using the Software Upgrade utility.
To start the update process:
1. From the DX8000 menu bar, choose File > Software Upgrade.
Figure 146. Software Upgrade Server Console
2. The Select Upgrade Package dialog box opens.
Figure 147. Select Upgrade Package
3. Click Browse. The Open dialog box opens.