C624M-C (5/06) 69
Figure 42. Zoom In Using Mouse
b. To zoom out, click and drag the mouse diagonally in an upward direction to your left.
Figure 43. Zoom Out Using Mouse
This section describes how to use the hand tool and mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
To pan a zoomed portion of video within the view panel:
1. To place the DX8000 in the Playback or Search mode, do one of the following:
On the DX8000 toolbar, click Live.
On the DX8000 toolbar, click Search.
2. Right-click within the view panel. The mouse pointer now resembles a hand.
3. Click and drag the mouse using the left mouse button in the direction you want to move the video image.
4. Right-click again to return to zoom mode.
Figure 44. Panning Zoomed Video with the Mouse