16 C624M-C (5/06)
Logging In to the DX8000 Application
To access the features of the DX8000 Series DVR, you must log in with a valid user name and password. The DX8000 comes equipped with a
built-in user account named “Guest.” Each time the unit is turned on, the Guest account is automatically activated. In addition to the Guest
account, there are four other user access levels, or groups, that can be configured on the DX8000. The Guest user is granted only limited access
to the system. The other four access levels range from the Administrator group, with the most rights and privileges, to th e Restricted group, with
the least rights and privileges.
To operate and configure all but the most basic features of the DX8000, you must be assigned a user account other than Guest. If you have not
been assigned a user account, contact your system administrator before proceeding.
For information on the rights and permissions of the user groups, refer to Definition of User Access Levels on page 173.
NOTE: The Guest user account does not have access to the setup features of the DX8000. Only users with Administrator and Power User
accounts are allowed access to setup functions.
This section includes the following topics:
Local DX8000 Login on page 16
Remote DX8000 Login on page 17


If you are logging into the DX8000 for the first time, the login procedure is different from the method described below. For information on first-
time login instructions, refer to the DX8000 Installation manual.
This section includes the following topics:
Logging in to a Local DX8000 on page 16
Logging Out of the Local DX8000 on page 16
Exiting to the Windows Operating System on page 17


You must have a valid user name and password to log in to the DX8000. The user name and password are case sensitive.
To log in with a user name other than Guest:
1. From the DX8000 main menu, go to File > User Log-in. The User Log-in dialog box opens.
2. Enter a valid user name in the User Name field and a valid password in the Password field.
3. Click OK.


Logging out of the local or a remote DVR does not disconnect you from that system. Logging out will return you to the Guest account.
To disconnect from a remote server, refer to Disconnecting from a Remote Site on page 17
To log the current user out of the system and return to the Guest account:
Click File > User Log-out.
You can also log out of a local or remote DVR by right-clicking its site name from the Site tree and then selecting User Log-Out from the