C624M-C (5/06) 61
Working in Playback Mode
Recorded video can be played back one channel at a time on the DX8000. Like live video, recorded video is viewed from the camera view panels
on the main screen. Refer to Understanding View Panes and Panels on page 26 for information on view panels. Only users with Standard User
access and higher are allowed to view recorded video.
This section describes how use the Playback mode and includes the following topics:
Accessing Playback Mode on page 61
Assigning Cameras to View Panels on page 61
Playback On-Screen Display (OSD) on page 61
Playback Controls on page 62
Playback Timeline on page 64
Playing Back Video by Time on page 65
Playing Back Video by Event on page 66
Operating Playback Digital Zoom on page 67
Viewing Video in the Deinterlaced Mode on page 90
Viewing Live and Playback Video Simultaneously on page 90


To access the Playback mode:


To assign a camera to a view panel:
1. Drag a camera from the Site tree onto a camera view pane.
2. Repeat this process for up to 36 cameras.


The on-screen display for playback is identical to live view with the exception of a date/time field in place of the PTZ designator.
Figure 35. Playback OSD
On the DX8000 toolbar, click Live.