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To clear a preset:
1. On the DX8000 keypad, click to enter programming mode.
2. Click the number of the preset you want to clear from the PTZ keypad.
3. Click .
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to clear multiple presets.
5. Click to exit programming mode.
Figure 22. Clearing a Preset


A pattern is a user-defined, viewable camera path with a definite beginning and end. Patterns are made up of a sequence of standard pan, tilt
and lens commands. Patterns are stored in the internal memory of the PTZ device, such as a Spectra® dome, that is conn ected to the DX8000.
Depending on the type and configuration of the PTZ device, the DX8000 can address up to four unique PTZ patterns. Once defined, a pattern can
be activated with a series of on-screen commands. A pattern will run continuously until it is deactivated.
Only PTZ-enabled cameras that support pattern programming through D, P, or Coaxitron protocols can use this feature.
The PTZ controls are hidden in the extended view mode. In this case, select the standard view mode to display the PTZ controls.
To switch between the standard and extended view mode:
This section describes how to program, activate, and clear patterns, and access the programming features of remote cameras. This section
includes the following topics:
Programming a Pattern on page 49
Activating a Pattern on page 50
Clearing a Pattern on page 50
Accessing Programming Features of Remote Cameras on page 51
From the DX8000 menu bar, choose View > Extended View.