Performing the initial setup

When you turn on your camera for the first time, the initial setup screen appears. Follow the steps below to configure the camera’s basic settings. The language is preset for the country or region where the camera is sold. You can change the language as desired. You can also select an item by touching it on the screen.

1Press [c] to select Time Zone, and then press [t] or [o].2Press [D/c] to select Home, and then press [o].

￿￿When you travel to another country, select Visit, and then select a new time zone.

5Press [c] to select Date/Time Set, and then press [t] or [o].

Date/Time Set

Month Day Year Hour Min


3Press [D/c] to select a time zone, and then press [o].

Time Zone

[GMT +00:00] London

[GMT +01:00] Berlin, Paris, Rome

[GMT +02:00] Athens, Helsinki

[GMT +03:00] Moscow


4Press [b].



Cancel Set

￿￿The screen may differ depending on the language you selected.Press [F/t] to select an item.Press [D/c] to set the date, time, and daylight-saving time, and then press [o].

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