Tips for getting a clearer photo

Holding your camera correctlyEnsure nothing is blocking the lens, flash, or microphone. Half-pressing the shutter button

Half-press [Shutter] and adjust the focus. The camera adjusts the focus and exposure automatically.

The camera sets the aperture value and shutter speed automatically. Focus frame￿￿Press [Shutter] to capture the photo if the focus frame appears in green.￿￿Change the composition and half-press[Shutter] again if the focus frame appears in red.
Reducing camera shake

Set the Optical Image Stabilization option to reduce camera shake optically. (p. 40)


is displayed

Camera shake

When you shoot in the dark, avoid setting the flash option to Slow Sync or Off. The aperture remains open longer and it may be harder to hold the camera steady long enough to capture a clear photo.

￿￿Use a tripod or set the flash option to Fill in. (p. 70)￿￿Set ISO sensitivity options. (p. 72)

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