Preventing your subject from being out of focusIt may be difficult to get your subject in focus when:

-￿there is little contrast between the subject and background (for example, when your subject is wearing clothing that is similar in color to the background)

-￿the light source behind the subject is too bright -￿the subject is shiny or reflective

-￿the subject includes horizontal patterns, such as blinds -￿the subject is not positioned in the center of the frame

Using the focus lock

Half-press [Shutter] to focus. When the subject is in focus, you can reposition the frame to change the composition. When you are ready, press [Shutter] to capture your photo.

￿￿When you capture photos in low light

Turn on the flash. (p. 70)

￿￿When subjects are moving rapidlyUse the Continuous shooting function. (p. 51, 85)

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