Quick reference

Capturing photos of people

sSmart mode > Beauty Face 51

iBest Face mode 54

Red-eye 69

Face Detection/Self-Portrait 78

Smile Shot 79

Capturing photos at night or in the dark

sSmart mode > Sunset, Silhouette, Fireworks, Light Trace, Low Light Shot 51

Flash options 70

ISO sensitivity (to adjust the sensitivity to light) 72

Capturing action photos

Shutter Priority mode 49

sSmart mode > Action Freeze, Continuous Shot, Soccer Mode (WB2014F only)51

Continuous 85

Capturing photos of text, insects, or flowers

sSmart mode > Macro 51

Macro 73

Adjusting the exposure (brightness)

sSmart mode > Rich Tone 51

ISO sensitivity (to adjust the sensitivity to light) 72

EV (to adjust exposure) 80

ACB (to compensate for subjects against bright backgrounds) 81

Metering 81

AE Bracket (to capture 3 photos of the same scene with different exposures) 86

Capturing photos of scenery

sSmart mode > Landscape, Waterfall 51

sSmart mode > Panorama 52

Applying effects to photos

gMagic Plus mode > My Magic Frame 55

gMagic Plus mode > Motion Photo 57

gMagic Plus mode > Photo Filter 58

gMagic Plus mode > Effect Artist 60

gMagic Plus mode > Color Brush62

Image Adjust (to adjust Sharpness, Contrast, or Saturation) 87

Applying effects to videos

gMagic Plus mode > Movie Filter 59

Reducing camera shake

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) 40

Transferring and sharing files

Sending photos or videos to a smart phone 121

Sending photos or videos via email 131

Using photo or video sharing services 132

Uploading photos to an online storage or registered devices 134

Viewing files as thumbnails 93

Viewing files by category 93

Deleting all files on the memory 95

Viewing files as a slide show 97

Viewing files on a TV 104

Connecting your camera to a computer 105

Adjusting sound and volume 139

Adjusting the brightness of the display 140

Changing the display language 141

Setting the date and time 141

Before contacting a service center 155