Camera layout


Button Description

Start recording a video.

Access options or menus.

Go back.


Basic functions

Other functions

D Change the display option.

Move up


Change the macro option.

Move down


Change the flash option.

Move left


Change the timer and burst options.

Move right

Confirm the highlighted option or menu.

Enter Playback mode.

￿￿Open Smart Panel in Shooting mode.

￿￿ Delete files in Playback mode.

Using the DIRECT LINK button

You can turn on the Wi-Fi feature conveniently with [DIRECT LINK].

Press [DIRECT LINK] to activate the Wi-Fi function that you have designated. Press [DIRECT LINK] again to return to the previous mode.

Setting a DIRECT LINK button option

You can select a Wi-Fi function to launch when you press [DIRECT LINK].

1Rotate the mode dial to n.

2Select General DIRECT LINK (Wi-Fi Button).

3Select a Wi-Fi feature. (p. 142)

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